Definitions of terms used in this article shall be as follows:

(a)   “Inspector” shall mean the City Superintendent or any other person designated by the City Council to inspect the proposed location of mobile homes and to issue location permits.

(b)   “Mobile home” shall mean a movable, detached single-family dwelling unit with all of the following characteristics:

(1)   designed for long term occupancy, and containing operational bathing facilities, kitchen facilities, and having plumbing and electrical connections provided for attachment to outside systems;

(2)   designed and constructed on a chassis that is capable of being transported after fabrication on its own wheels or detachable wheels; and be fully skirted around bottom when placed, as well as tied down according to manufactures specifications;

(3)   designed to arrive at the site where it is to be located as a dwelling complete and ready for occupancy.

(4)   Manufactured mobile homes which have a manufactured date within fifteen (15) years of the permit application. Mobile homes, of any kind which do not comply with this definition, are not allowed to be parked on any lot within the City of Satanta.

(c)   “Mobile home park” shall mean a tract of land used by three (3) or more mobile homes, whether owned or rented by the occupants.

(d)   “Person” shall mean any individual, firm, trust, partnership, association or corporation.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

No mobile home shall be placed upon any property located within the City of Satanta unless the owner shall first obtain a location use permit from the City Clerk and the mobile home, and its location with the provisions of this article. No permit shall be issued unless the City Inspector shall first inspect the mobile home and the proposed location of the mobile home and have found its use to comply with all City Ordinances. All applications for a location use permit shall state the address of the proposed site, the applicant’s name, and a drawing showing the location of the mobile home in relation to adjoining property lines, buildings, mobile homes, streets, alleys and set back lines. Application shall be accompanied by a fee of $25.00.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

All mobile homes shall be located so as to conform to the following requirements;

(a)   No mobile home shall be located within the City Fire Zone.

(b)   No mobile home shall be located closer than twenty-five (25) feet from any other building, house, or mobile home.

(c)   No more than one mobile home may be located upon any one platted City lot, or on any platted lot where another residential home is located.

(d)   No mobile home or part thereof shall be located closer than five (5) feet from the adjoining property line.

(e)   No mobile home or part thereof shall be located closer than ten (10) feet from any existing City street, alley, park, or City easement or right of way.

(f)   No mobile home shall be placed on a platted City lot where there is another permanent structure of more than 200 square feet.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

Each mobile home, whether located in a mobile home park or a single lot, shall have a separate water meter and connection to the City water supply. All mobile homes shall be connected to the City sewage system and be charged the same water and sewage connection and use fees as residential homes.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

A use of land existing prior to the adoption of this article shall be allowed to continue providing the following conditions are complied with:

(a)   Within ninety (90) days of the passage of this article the owner of property on which mobile homes are located, or the owner of a mobile home located on such property must register with the City Clerk and be issued a certificate of nonconforming use. The application for such certificate shall state the name of the owner of the real estate, the name of the owner of the mobile home, the location of the mobile home, size, and the manufacturer and serial number of the mobile home.

(b)   Such certificate shall not prevent the City from requiring all mobile homes to have separate water meters and connection to City sewer system.

(c)   In the event any mobile home is removed from property which has received a certificate of non-conforming use, the owner of such real estate must comply with all the provisions of this article when locating a new mobile home on the property.

(d)   When a non-conforming use is discontinued or abandoned for twelve (12) consecutive months, then such use shall not be established or resumed for use of placement of mobile home without full compliance with the provisions of this article.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

Persons desiring temporarily to locate a mobile home with the City of Satanta may apply to the City for a temporary permit.

(a)   Such permit may allow a non-conforming use of the property for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days.

(b)   The application for such temporary permit shall state the applicant’s name, telephone number, address, the location the mobile home or house trailer will be used, and the expected duration of use. The mobile home must comply with the definition of mobile home in section 5-301.

(c)   Temporary permits may be issued by the City Clerk upon receipt of the completed application form, and inspection by the City Inspector.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

Construction of a mobile home park shall begin only after a special use permit has been issued by the City. No such permit shall be granted until a development plan for the proposed mobile home park has been prepared and submitted by the developer to the City, and approved. Such plan shall include the following:

(a)   Proposed street and drive patterns, including a paved, concrete or asphalt streets or drive patterns.

(b)   Proposed mobile home spaces and their exact dimensions.

(c)   Any existing streets in or abutting the property.

(d)   Location and size of parking spaces.

(e)   Name and address of developer and projected date of construction.

(f)   Drainage plan for rain water drainage.

(g)   Electrical, water, and sewer hookups for each mobile home.

(h)   Outside perimeter property line 6-foot fence or fence height landscape buffer obstructing view of Mobile Home Park.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

All mobile home parks shall be subject to an annual license, which may be issued by the City Council. Compliance with this article and all other codes of the City shall be necessary prior to issuance or renewal. The annual fee for such license shall be $100.00.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

Each mobile home park shall be operated in a sanitary neat, orderly and efficient manner. The owner and or operator shall be responsible for disposal of refuse, insect and rodent control, and fire prevention measures.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

Each mobile home park shall have a minimum of one (1) off-street parking space adjoining the mobile home.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

The owner and/or operator of the mobile home park shall be responsible for the conformance to this article. Any deviation or nonperformance, or unhealthful and unsanitary conditions shall constitute grounds for the cancellation of a license or permit or refusal of the City Council to renew a license. Property owners on which mobile homes are located which are not mobile home parks shall comply with the provisions of this article.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)

Any person who shall violate any provision of this article shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) or by imprisonment in the City Jail for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days or by both such fine and imprisonment. Each day that a violation of this chapter occurs shall constitute a separate offense and shall be punishable hereunder as a separate violation.

(Ord. 340; Code 2017)